Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Boy for My Boy

My son decided that he wanted a doll of his own.  I think he was a little jealous that I was working out a lot of kinks by making girl dolls.  Well I finally made him one of his own, and I have to say that I think it's the best one.  I really stuffed this one tight and I was able to give him good neck support with the wool.  I've been using old holey jeans to make the jeans for the dolls and whatever scrap fabric I have for t-shirts and dresses.  I'm going to be working on making flannel pajama sets out of old flannel receiving blankets that I got when my son was a baby.  We have probably 25 of those blankets... and never used a single one (except when I made a cloth diaper out of one). 

Well, I think this is my last one for a while.  My husband says we don't need another doll in the house. Ha ha!  I'd still like to perfect some of the techniques, but I guess I'll wait for a very special birthday.

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