Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knitted Summer Top

So I decided to knit again.  I have been taking a class online to become a lactation educator, and I needed an outlet on days in which the kids were not sleeping well.  It is easier to stop and start a knitting project than it is to stop and start an online assignment.

I found this cute top on Pickles.   It was super easy.  All knit stitches!  I used yarn I already had, which I think made for the smaller size.  I planned on knitting it for my daughter, but when it came out (ta dah) it was too small for her.  I was definitely disappointed since the pattern said fits 6-9 months, but it was my fault that I didn't use their yarn suggestion.  Oh well.  With this economy you gotta use yarn from the stash!

The great thing now is that it's an awesome handmade gift for a friend's baby.  It just so happened that my husband's friend had a baby in February.  So, there should be no fit problem there.  I'm sure it can start as a little dress and then be the top it was supposed to be.  I'm planning on knitting one for my little one soon.  I'll have to find some stash yarn that might be closer to the one in the pattern, or just add some stitches to the beginning.