Monday, December 20, 2010

Ready for Winter?

I've been trying to get ready for our trip to Michigan this winter.  Since we live in California, there isn't much need for super warm pants.  But, that being said, in my house there is always a need for cute wool pants that can double as a cover for cloth diapers.  Well, here they are.  I am so happy with how they turned out.  I got the pattern from Itchy Fingers.  It is a pretty long pattern, but she really gives a great initial sheet to figure out how many stitches are needed for each section.  I had trouble with the short rows in the back, but on the last short row I discovered a post for Japanese short rows that worked perfectly with no hiccup.  I've included the link for the short rows here.  
I love the colors in these pants.  These are the same pants I made for my son a while back except longer (I made my son shorts).  Well, we'll see how they work in a day.  We're off to the snow.  I hope the wool will keep her warm and dry!  Happy holidays everyone.