Sunday, November 15, 2009

Felt Obcession

We are coming close to the holidays so I am working on gifts for the kids in my life. I loved making the little donut I made a few months back, so I have made more some with different frosting and some with different sprinkles. I also made peanut butter cookies with chocolate and butterscotch kisses on top, as well as a big sandwich cookie. I am currently using the Lilly Bean Market patterns, but I am working on figuring out some patterns of my own. I thought I wouldn't have time, but if I plan out what I am going to do in stages, I am having good luck finishing projects.

I figure that homemade goods will be mostly what I'm giving this year. We really have to save as much as we can this year, especially since we now have 2 kids. But that being said, I have become a bit obcessed with making this felt food. I scour the internet looking for patterns and tutorials. I have gone to JoAnn fabrics to buy more felt even though have haven't finished the projects I am currently doing. Plus they had the cutest box of thread in so may colors on sale, that I had to buy that too. So, my idea to save money this year is slowly slipping away. Ooops!

Wool Shorts

So I have finally finished knitting a pair of wool shorts for my son. And not too soon! He is fighting a cold and drinking lots of liquids, which means he is having accients at night and during nap-time.

The last pair of soakers I knit for him were shrunk by my mother when I was giving birth to my daughter. He was wearing them the night I went into labor, and my mother being the helpful person she is, did laundry and tossed them in. Needless to say, when I got home I was so happy to be greeted to a clean and laundered house, but the poor soakers that I had made will now fit my baby.

These soaker shorts I made out of wool I found really cheap. They didn't have 2 of the same color, so I decided to make them 2 toned. I knit them in the round (a first for me) and grafted the legs together (also a first). There were a lot of firsts on this pattern. I also added in short rows in the tush for added room. When working in the round it seems that my right side of the short rows came out great, but the left side is a little wonky. I'm sure it will not be noticeable when they are washed several times. I'll have to visit my local knit shop to see what I did wrong for the next time. I can't wait to start on some new longies for my daughter, but I think I might try and make little ruffled soakers first - as a smaller project.