Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dress to "Impress"

I am so excited about this dress from Pickles.  It is called the Impress dress and I am definitely impressed with how it looks.  I did not use the suggested yarn.  I ended up using a yarn called "Corntastic" that was on sale at my local yarn store.  It's made out of 100% corn, which is excellent since it is eco-friendly and vegan.  It's a great alternative to wool and organic cotton yarns. Plus you can machine wash and dry it!

It feels so soft.  The one thing I will say is that it is a little thicker weight yarn than suggested in the pattern.  So, the size of the dress seems a little bit smaller.  My daughter is 9 months old and on the smaller size anyway (she's about 17 lbs), but it seems like it should fit her for a little while before I pass it down to a friend.

It took me a total of 4 nights in front of the television to knit it.  I like to knit small things for kids, because it takes me less time to finish.  Knitting is also a test for me to relinquish control.  I messed up the pattern at the beginning by over thinking it.  When they say do the same for the next side, you just do the SAME THING in the SAME ORDER.  I reversed it.  But was I going to pull out what I'd done.  NOOOO WAY!

One thing I didn't like was that they did not give you the knit and decrease numbers for the neck....but I figured it out - enough.  It is definitely not perfect, but if you're counting my stitches..... well :(

I can't wait for my daughter to wear it.  I guess I'll have to stop putting her in brother's hand me downs!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sandwich Time

I have been continuing to make food for my son's kitchen.  My latest venture has been the Lilly Bean Market sandwich and chips.  I bought the pattern for the sandwich, but eye-balled the bag of chips.  I think they came out nicely.  We gave one for a Christmas present this year and my son started asking for his.  The most tedious part of the project in the bread crusts.  Other than's pretty easy.  Delicious.