Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Felt Sweets

So, I attempted to make a felt donut today. It came out pretty good for my first one, but it was definitely more difficult than the fortune cookies. I think I will try and make some potato chips next- to add some color to the plate, and maybe a cherry pie. The chips in a bag seem pretty easy. My son is enjoying all the food, and wants to be a part of the process. He's become a good circle tracer, and I just do the sewing when he's asleep.

My plan is to try and figure out which items come out best (who am I kidding- I mean the easiest and least time consuming), so I can start preparing for the holidays since I won't have any time when the baby comes. Since the economy is so bad, I'm going back to homemade gifts. Now that the sewing machine is out more, my son has requests! He says he wants a cake and some shoes for his doll Joe. I'm almost done with the shoes, but don't think I'll be attempting a cake anytime soon. As for my requirements...a cake seems pretty time consuming. At least longer than nap-time.