Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obsessed with Diapers

Now that I am pregnant once again, I find that I am becoming obsessed with finding things for the new baby. Right now it's diapers. I cloth diapered with my first, but had so many problems with my Bum Genius elastic failing that I wanted to search for something new. Bum Genius replaced 2 of my diapers, but the other 2 that failed (after a year) they would not. I primarily hand wash and line dry and use Allen's Naturally as a soap.

But now, because of the economy, I am looking for something cheap and that works. I have ordered a bunch of different types, but they have not arrived- and either has the baby. I have about 18 more weeks to go.

I have decided to use scrap flannel to make my own diapers to supplement my stash. It's cheap. I've made them out of receiving blankets that I never used on my first. I have so many blankets that I could not possibly use them all. So I am proud to say that it wasn't too hard (it took me 20 minutes from start to finish) and I spent no money. If it works, then it was worth it.