Monday, June 04, 2012

Waldorf Doll for Sale

So one of my dolls sold at the Silent Auction for my son's school, but the other did not.  I was a little surprised that "Caryn" did not even get one bid.   I did notice that when they packaged everything up in plastic, the doll was hard to see.  So I am now going to try and sell the doll myself.

There are so many options: Ebay, Big Cartel, Etsy, my local green store, or my blog.  I have no idea where I start.  If I start a Big Cartel shop or an Etsy Shop, I feel like I should really try and make more to make it worth it (since they are shops).  If I sell on Ebay I guess I can just sell only the one doll and I don't have to sell others.

I think Waldorf dolls have a very specific market, and I don't know if I live in that market. I think I'll try on my blog first.  You can see pictures on my Flickr site.  The doll comes with clothes, info, care card, and birth certificate.

Caryn $150 Sale $100+ shipping (US only)